Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Talking Newspapers.

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What is a Talking Newspaper?

A Talking Newspaper (TN), is an audio recording of a national or local printed newspaper which is distributed to blind or partially sighted people and other disabled people who have difficulty reading. Many include notices from other organisations which are relevant to their Listeners.

How many Talking Newspapers are there in Scotland?

There are around 60 TNs in Scotland.

Where are they?

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Is there a charge for a Talking Newspaper?

Scottish TNs are provided free of charge.  There may be a charge for some national newspapers and magazines produced by other organisations.

On which formats are Talking Newspapers available?

Most TNs are available on CD or memory stick, although some groups still send out audio cassette tapes.

A few TNs can be listened to on the Sonata internet audio player. This is available from British Wireless for the Blind Fund. For more information, visit:

For other options, please ask your local TN.

How are Talking Newspapers distributed?

They are posted in “plastic” wallets with a return address label to allow the recipient to return easily once recording has been listened to.

The Articles for the Blind postal concession allows registered blind and partially sighted people to receive/send tapes by 1st class mail, free of charge. 

People with other disabilities who do not meet the criteria for Articles for the Blind, may require to pay postage.   Please ask your local TN.

Who produces Talking Newspapers?

Some of the larger organisations have paid staff, most TNs in Scotland are run entirely by Volunteers.

Who funds Talking Newspapers?

TNs in Scotland can receive funding from a variety of sources including local authorities, lottery grants, donations from service users, individual fundraising projects etc.

Are Talking Newspapers registered charities?

Whilst there is no legal requirement, a number of TNs in Scotland are registered as charities. You can check the Scottish Charity Register here:  

Please be aware that a search for “Talking Newspapers” will only produce a list of TNs with “Talking Newspaper” actually in their name.  Mytown Talking Newspaper would appear while Mytown Sound would not. It is, of course, possible to search for an actual name.