Access to some areas and features of this site depend on the permissions set for your membership level which are:

  • TN Volunteer Member (access to the password protected areas of the 'TN Folk' section)
  • TN Data Controller (nominated person for a given TN with ability to maintain the details we hold for the TN)
  • TN Audio Controller (nominated person for a given TN with ability to upload and manage audio files related to our TN Audio Player streaming service)
  • ASTN Data Controller (management of the whole TN Member Database)
  • ASTN Administrator (to create, update and publish site content and perform other site administrative duties)
  • ASTN Manager (to control and manage all technical aspects of the the website)

TN Volunteers can quickly obtain a 'TN Volunteer Member Account' by completing and submitting the TN Volunteer Member Registration Form.

For all other levels of Membership (levels 2 to 6 above) please contact us to request an account.