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Assisting Scotland's Talking Newspapers for Blind and Partially Sighted
Scottish Charity No. SC 025331


The main objective of the Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers (ASTN) is to help people who cannot read newspapers and magazines, whether due to visual impairment or some disability, which makes reading a strain. To achieve this aim, ASTN offers help and guidance to the organisers of the Scottish Talking Newspapers.

A Talking Newspaper (TN) is a recording of news and features being read aloud. TNs are distributed mainly to visually impaired people, usually free of charge.

An important role of ASTN is to keep Scottish TNs aware of new legislation and technology. We organise specialised training including travelling technical workshops.

An annual conference takes place in Scotland, which is either organised by ASTN or by a local TN with assistance from ASTN and offers an opportunity to all TN organisers and volunteers to meet and share ideas and problems.

Where the need is identified, ASTN stimulates development of new TNs, providing training and guidance.

We are presently in the process of constructing this site. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding ASTN or a TN, please contact us.

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